Mindset Training

The core idea behind mindful expressions is the art of facilitating change to empower your mind and muse. Your mindset is a collection of beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and perspectives that fuel your ideas, thoughts, and responses each day as you travel to your destination on your wheels of life.

Compartmentalizing Life's Areas

If you are like me, early on, you learned to compartmentalize the areas of your life: creative, social, love, business, and purpose. Each of these categories contains subcategories that hold memories and experiences such as friendship, romance, spirituality, work, money, fun, recreation, community, growth, and learning.

Habitual Travel and the Call for Balance

Since we are creatures of habit, we often travel within the realms where we feel most comfortable while other zones scream for attention and cause us to detour from our dreams.

Embracing Moment-fullness

You are the creator and designer of your life’s moments. Rather than simple mindfulness, learning to embrace moment-fullness allows you to paint new scenery and hear the music in your heart while you focus on the road ahead. We help you create a road map by using a wheel of life to balance your daily ride.

Harness the Power of Coaching

If you want to make progress towards your goals, one valuable approach is to embrace the art of coaching. Imagine your business, or any other goal for that matter, as a blank canvas or piece of drawing paper. Staring at the blank page, with ideas swirling through your thoughts, doesn’t move your actions toward the masterpiece you envision. You need a balance of tools, techniques, and resources to allow the flow from your imagination to a tangible reality.

Support, Guidance, and Accountability

When you feel stuck on what steps to take next, you sometimes need support, guidance, or accountability to move you toward the next mile marker on your path. Changing our mindset opens our brain pathways and pulls us out of the stress, fear, and lack of confidence that our dull everyday routine thoughts have created. Once we change how we have painted our lives, we can see a clearer picture that moves us forward toward fulfillment, success, and joy.

Becoming the Artist of Your Life

Using our newly found colorful paints and brushes, we make choices that bridge the gaps of doubt and limiting beliefs and become the artists in our daily lives. We allow ourselves to dance to the music with new lyrics and a full palette of tools and resources at our fingertips.

What We Offer

Over the years, I learned the value of coaching, but often, it was a luxury I couldn’t afford, especially when I needed it the most. So, I moved myself forward by learning the art of self-coaching. I now hold certifications in mastering my mindset through growth and confidence in life, business, therapeutic art, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, allowing success, and entrepreneurship.

Heart-Centered Business

A heart-centered business involves all the sectors on the wheel of life, whether it lands in the business, creative, social, love, or your life purpose section. We provide the tools and resources to tailor your journey specifically to what you need to overcome to reach your current destination while the price of gas is affordable.

Group Coaching Membership Site

Coming soon is our group coaching membership site, a place where you can connect with a community of support and other like-minded individuals. You'll have access to hundreds of mindful exercises, meditations, and affirmations to build your confidence and change your mindset, all at your fingertips.

Harness the Power of Mindful Creativity