Creative Fabrica Support

Since our mission is to empower your mind and muse, Creative Fabrica is another important online tool we support for mindfulness and self-expression. It caters to the needs of enthusiasts, business owners, and everyone in between who loves arts and crafts.

Exploring Creative Fabrica

The word fabrica comes from a Latin word meaning arts, crafts, or factory. When you first land on their website, you are transported into a virtual Hobby Lobby or Michael’s store with digital assets.



Extensive Collection of Resources

Thousands of fonts, images, craft patterns, tutorials, SVG files, PNG files, AI tools, Print on Demand files, and much more. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned expert in your particular foray of crafting, you will find everything you need and more.

Business and Branding Tools

With its extensive collection of resources, Creative Fabrica provides businesses with the tools needed to create professional and visually appealing materials. Typography plays a crucial role in branding, and having a unique, consistent font and style can make your business stand out. It provides AI tools to help with product descriptions and other writing needs.

Navigating Creative Fabrica

Much like Canva, Creative Fabrica can be overwhelming. I have heard that the crafting community, especially those who use Cricut machines, needs help finding digital assets quickly and easily. We are here to help.

What We Offer


We provide step-by-step guides and tutorials to help you understand the basics of Creative Fabrica. Once you have the foundation in place, we will help you focus on your personalized branding and specific visual needs.

Support for Specific Crafting and Business Needs

We provide guides tailored to your specific crafting and business needs. We help you combine the use of Creative Fabrica digital assets with the power of Canva or your current print-on-demand platforms. With all the platforms available today, focusing on just one or two to start can help with time management and cost-effectiveness.

Resource Library

With Creative Fabrica’s extensive library of fonts, design elements, and AI writing tools, we provide resources to narrow your search and use what is already available. Also, with Creative Fabrica’s latest addition to the Studio, we can help you with AI prompts and design needs. It is like Canva in a variety of ways.

Fundraising Support

Are you on a fundraising team? Are you a mom who helps with fundraising at your child’s school? We provide support to help you with the specific tasks you may have for fundraising efforts. We believe all businesses should support and even include philanthropic efforts to give back to their individual communities.

Harness the Power of Mindful Creativity