Mindful Makeover

by Jules Word Cafe Miz Mindful Division

With the holidays approaching, especially my one of my personal favorites, Halloween, I decided Mindful Expressions needed a makeover.  Especially now, after everything we endured over the last year and a half, its time for a little fun and playfulness mixed into the day-to-day stress that still occurs.  

What's new?  T-shirts, new mugs, some to match the journals, and links to a few of my favorite journal creations located on Amazon.   I am currently working on a mindset workbook, kids activity books, coloring books for both adults and children - for some fun, old-fashioned family time, and of course, T-shirts and I will be adding some hoodies and sweatshirt jackets to the mix.  

Miz Mindful is the spokesperson of Jules Word Cafe to help you empower your mind & muse.  When we blend the two we can move forward toward our best potential and growth.

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