Miz Mindful Presents

Miz Mindful Presents

Often I am asked what exactly is mindful expressions? What is it all about? I have discovered along my path the pillars of a well-balanced life are relationships.  Relationships with ourselves, our money, our friendships and romantic partnerships, our family, our living environment, our spiritual practices, our work and career, our finances, and our creative pursuits.  The stress of life can derail our focus and our happiness.  That is where a mindful lifestyle comes into play.  

Changing our relationship with ourselves it where it all beginnings.  Mindful expressions focusing on coaching tools and graphic arts to empower both the mind and muse. My target audience is small business from mompreneur, soloprenuer to non-profits.

My original crazy big idea for Mindful Expressions was to help by sharing mindset coaching techniques, to bridge the gaps between mental health professionals, non-profit programs and facilitators, with individuals that need it the most.  In the planning phases, I wrote my what, my how and my why. 

The how is changing from the original plan but my why is still the same -- to do my part to help break the cycle of generational dysfunction that holds us back from achieving our best selves.  The next generations (the children) deserve our best to empower them to fill their potential and become the leaders of tomorrow. Breaking the cycle comes from the adults that teach them. 

So my focus is in supporting small business, balanced living, educators, and supporting non-profits that are trying to do the same.    



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